How to buy the right engagement ring

11 Mar 2019 | |

An engagement ring is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your would-be bride. Usually, it is very expensive and loaded with unparalleled love and symbolism. This article provides 5 amazing engagement ring tips that will enable you to get it right:

Getting the right ring size

What's a ring size and how do you measure it? This is really a tricky one, but here are some solutions:  If you aren't afraid of potentially spoiling the surprise, then measure her finger with a ring sizer app or a tape measure. If you are trying to be more secretive then you could ask one of your partners friends to subtly find out their ring size. As a worst case scenario you'll have to guess however don't stress too much as you will be able to resize the ring later.

Remember, it’s all for your partner

When you are shopping for an engagement ring, it is possible you may be distracted by a wide range of diamond qualities, styles, colours, designs and cuts out there or even be immediately attracted to a certain style. Pause for some time and remember that the person that will be wearing this ring is your fiancée, and they will be wearing this ring for the rest of their life. So, it is important you give them something they will be proud of and wear at all times.

If your partner is passionate about fashion, then take some ideas from their existing jewellery, and make sure you select a ring that perfectly suits their existing jewellery and fashion style. If you aren't sure of exactly what type of engagement ring would suit your partner then seek advice from a custom engagement ring jeweller such as this one who will assist you in the process of finding or designing the perfect engagement ring for your beloved. You could also seek advice from any close friends or family of your partner. 

Spend the right amount

Please keep in mind the ring will come in contact with cosmetics, cleaning liquids; get caught on doors and clothes etc.  So, you need to buy quality that can comfortably withstand all that.  Think of what you spend on your car or iPhone with a shorter life span than an engagement ring that will last for a lifetime.

There is no rule that says you must spend a particular amount on engagement ring. However, it is important you buy the right type of ring. A diamond engagement ring is usually a safe bet, if you think your partner will be happy with this then you should visit this website who are based in Melbourne and will be able to provide you with all sorts of information regarding the types of diamond engagement rings they offer. 

Invest in a metal that suits your partner

Feel free to invest in gold or platinum engagement rings- they are the hardest precious metals that can be used in jewellery. Gold are usually available in 3 unique colours - rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

Platinum is often the most expensive, and usually silvery-white in colour.  Silver metals aren’t recommended because they are too soft, and won’t stand wear and tear. Search the internet to find out more details about gold or platinum engagement rings.

You will never go wrong by buying gold or platinum. Your fiancée deserves the best engagement ring. So, make sure you buy a ring that will always be a pleasant sight to behold.